Leonardo blasts away Bannaymar from the big team

Leonardo blasts away Director of Sport  Paris Saint-Germain did not order Bannaymar from participating with the large team stating that during the past, the Brasilians had to rehabilitate until Making it impossible to practice with the players in the big team.

Leonardo blasts away

Leonardo blasts away to the player

The future of Neymar is full of uncertainty during the past, after Paris showed his willingness to release him from the team. Because of dissatisfaction with the behavior and attitude of the concerned person Prior to this, rumors that the Brazilian football team had been banned from participating in the large team. Like practice

Leonardo reveals to RMC the famous media that It’s not true He didn’t get removed from the big team – He only needs to follow his own physical rehabilitation program – He is a player in Paris Saint-Germain “We must never forget that he still has a contract with Paris for another 3 years.”

“We have to evaluate everything. We have to fix everything before he can play again. The story is simple, Neymar has been examined by many top doctors and surgeons at the beginning of the season And the cracks in the metatarsal bone verse 5 it heals well Neymar completely cured

“Neymar made a mistake (expressing that he wanted to move the team until the PSG fans drove him). Previously, I didn’t know him much. But after passing And I knew him more I think he is a good boy. And have a great mind In the field, he is a very good player. “

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