To José Louis Brown

To José Louis Brown For many people, this is the best World Cup. It happened in an era in which waging between agents from Europe and South America is still intense. Filled with players of the era in the classic era

To José Louis Brown

To José Louis Brown the legendary player

    Held in a neutral football arena, not Europe, not Latin America After Colombia, who held the rights to the host at first, found the economy to be abandoned, ufabet chose Mexico instead.

With an atmosphere full of intense heat of sunshine We have seen Brazil that is still rich in charm. Saw France led by the 4 tigers, saw the fangs of West Germany

    We can also see the top scorers of the era named Gary Liniger, seeing the dynamo power of “Danish Dynamite” the Danish national team Saw the beautiful door of another Albanian, in which a few months later, grabbed the ballon that year Saw the heroism of Belgium penetrating to the playoffs

Of course, Maradona is the hero of the event. He led the Argentine national team to win the second world championship in a great way. Is the peak point of the peak point when viewed from the phenomenon of shaking his world Shot in Italy in the first round, England scored 2 goals in 8 rounds. The final shot was Belgium with 2 goals in the playoffs.

Louis and his team

    Not surprisingly, in the final match at Azteca Stadium, Maradona should have been captured by Lothar Mattius, a 25-year-old young midfielder from Bayern Munich.

Nonetheless, it was Maradona as usual, with every goal scored in Argentina that day, hammering the heel for José Kusufou to foul as a free-kick 1-0 lead. Let Hector Enrique take it up and flow, for Jorge Waldano to shoot 2-0, and the most decisive is the assists among the 4 iron eagle players around. Birchu Rousaka goes solo to beat the goals 3-2

1986 World Cup, the magic of the tournament The classic of various teams And many excellent military commanders The world champion of the Argentine national team and the greatness of Diego Maradona stepped into my memory again after the news of Jose Louis Brown’s departure on the day. Monday early

The name of Jose Luis Brown reminds me of the 1986 World Cup again because I remember he was one of the 3 Argentina players who scored a goal in the final against West Germany.

    The 1-0 lead goal at Maradona was involved by hammering the heel for Khuchofo to call the free kick as the source of that goal. Brown is someone who has the advantage over anyone. Strike the ball from the throw of Burruja that Tony Schumacher came out to grab into the net.

José Louis Brown’s world champion told us that during the lifetime of the people There are times that go up and down alternately We went up high today, so we wouldn’t have to stay on forever.

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